About Homestead Traditionals

Homestead Traditionals is located at Honey Hollow Homestead in western Goochland County, Virginia owned and operated by David and Valerie Fitzgerald.  We practice sustainability in all our agricultural and craft endeavors .  We encourage you to view our products section to learn how we accomplish this.  Our products are available at the Homestead and V.I.P Day Spa (owned by Valerie’s daughter; Rhonda) located on Route 360 in Aylett, Virginia by utilizing our online ordering system or though appointment.  We also participate in the Fall Line Farms and Local Roots Food Co-Ops.  We encourage you to view their sites and see what they have to offer.  Participation in either of these local efforts greatly expand your ability to obtain local , fresh and naturally raised products throughout the year and pick up your order from various locations on a set schedule without obligation to purchase a set amount or any at all.  There is a membership fee to cover the administration of the co-ops; however a lot of our customers find this to be less than travel to our fixed locations.   Either way you are always welcomed to the Homestead to see where and how your food is grown.  We simply ask that you contact us so that we can insure we will be here to welcome you and shown you around

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